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My Priorities:

1. Working for the residents of Ward 2

Over the past 4 years I have had the pleasure of working with residents on a number of projects they wanted to see come to fruition. These include adding pedestrian beacon lights to crosswalks, changing 2-way stops to 4-way stops, adding sidewalks in areas that were incomplete, and placing "no smoking" signs in all of our area parks. I love working with residents to help them with questions or concerns they have regarding their home, local government, or our community. 

2. Focus on policies that advance Prairie Village as a leader in sustainability

During my first term on the Council the City of Prairie Village made great strides in advancing sustainability in a number of ways. Here are just a few examples:

*Building a LEED Platinum Public Works facility

* Creation of the Sustainability grant program

* Flood prevention measures along Brush creek

* Installing a number of electric charging stations throughout PV

* Signed on to the "Race to Zero" initiative

* Contracting an environmental consulting firm

public works building.png
Brush Creek.png

3. Support our local small businesses and area merchants

Our wonderful local businesses are one of the reasons Prairie Village is such a desirable place to live. The owners of these businesses have invested their passion and talents into our community to provide us with award winning restaurants, services, and products. I support policy that supports them. 


4. Expand our local property tax rebate and exterior grant programs

Grant Program.png

5. Stand by our Police Department and City Staff

Our Police Department and City Staff are the backbone of our community. The dedication they have to the residents in our community is second to none. The culture within the departments is welcoming, transparent, and inclusive. Prairie Village is lucky to have such wonderful government employees. 

PD Juneteenth.jpg
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